A topsecret Ergosapien


In the post-apocalyptic world these ErgoSapiens rule the galaxy!

These are a collection of 500 NFTs on the Ergo Blockchain. They are the first of their kind.

Catch them for their declassification


Drowler the Prowler

He’s a desperate thieving cowboy yearning to find the jackpot someday.


He is known as the “drip god” and he always looking for the next best thing to show off.

Nomu the Gomu

His white fur turns into spikes any time there is something or someone that can cause damage to him.

Traits: Explained

Each ErgoSapien is generated programmatically using the various traits such as headgear, expression, color, and
more. The rarer traits are defined below


All the traits match with each other!


These ErgoSapiens got a bit of style and glimmer.

Featured NFTs

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